Hello, nice to see you. Here is a little bit of info about miloot.com.

The main idea behind miloot.com is to allow people to share common sense information about the value of "things". Here are a few of the problems we would like to help with :

"How much should an oil change for a 2003 Honda Civic cost in Ohio ?"
"Hey I found this antique painting in an old safe and would like to know if it is worth taking to an appraiser."
All the way to
"I am currently visiting Amsterdam and pictures of cats are not enough to keep me warm at night, what can I do with 50 dollars !?"

Most people are really good at evaluating the value of things. The same people are also asked these types of questions all the time; at home by family members, at work, and even on the street. We would just like to give you guys and gals a way of collaborating with each other. Along the way we are also going to keep some neat metrics for future reference in case someone is too shy to reach out directly with a question.

We hope to create a neat little encyclopedia of valuations. Right or wrong, you help decide !


The site concept started in late 2010 when an overworked software developer thought it would be a good idea to try to do something a little bit different. Some brain muscle flexing later, this became a pet project to learn new technologies and provide something useful to the internet community. Has that goal been achieved ? Who the hell knows but it has been fun working on this project.

It is always fun to list out your various technology stacks so here is mine
  • The site is hosted on on various Amazon ( AWS ) technologies
  • Java Web App with Spring for all the java things
  • Tomcat App Server
  • Apache Web Server
  • jQuery + Bootstrap + Handlebars + JSPs + other handy little javascript libraries on the front end
  • Memcached on the middle layer to help some performance enhancements
  • Solr for text searching
  • MongoDB backend
  • Android and iOS versions coming soon ... or rather as soon as I learn all all the Android and iOS things ...

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Too long ? Didn't Read ? miloot.com is a community driven valuator. You have a question, hopefully we have some answers.