whats going on here? - 2 months ago  •  sayram

here i came here? And why? just googled "miloot". wohha and im here. Whats consept of this site? Q/A? What are you guys doing here?
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REVIEWS: Dead and Buried

REVIEWS: Dead and Buried - 3 months ago  •  TrueTrojan

Post comments with your reviews of the game Dead and Buried.
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Trip to Disney - 3 months ago  •  TrueTrojan

I satisfied any Disney longings I may have had by meeting Muckey Mouse in Rec Room the other day. Muckey was true to form, getting us to sing along an...
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4 months of lifespan - 3 months ago  •  TrueTrojan

While in a heated discussion in Dead and Buried with the graveyard Witch, one of her purple skull missiles broadsided my head. My daughter chose that ...
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Fingers are worth something - 3 months ago  •  TrueTrojan

Nearly destroyed my finger last night throwing a stick of dynamite at a frenemy. It involved taking cover behind a Dead and Buried saloon’s support po...
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test post - 10 months ago  •  rtfm

more test details
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