Test post - 2 years ago  •  JessQA

Testing adding a post
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Star Wars Figures

Star Wars Figures - 3 years ago  •  lepplet

I came across my old collection of Star Wars action figures. Most all in great condition, but none in the packaging. Anyone know of their worth? I'm n...
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Invincible Iron Man #3 Comic - what is it worth ?

Invincible Iron Man #3 Comic - what is it worth ? - 3 years ago  •  wojtek

I was wandering around a market outside of London on Saturday and came across a number of used comics. One of them looked like an old Iron Man comic. ...
$45  1 Votes   0 Comments   1395 Views   comic iron man vintage market
Question around the price of a Louis Vuitton purse

Question around the price of a Louis Vuitton purse - 3 years ago  •  rtfm

Came across this purse and was wondering the following is this a fake how much would it cost overall quality vs value If anyone has any info that wou...
$230  0 Votes   1 Comments   1156 Views   louis vuitton purse accessories

Used Airport Extreme - 3 years ago  •  Keith

I have an Airport Extreme that I'd like to know what I should list it for...was thinking around $100, but not sure what the market will bear... Here a...
$100  0 Votes   0 Comments   1023 Views   router apple airport extreme

Best place for car / house / life etc insurance quotes in Canada - 3 years ago  •  wojtek

I am considering consolidating our various insurance providers ( home , car , life , etc ) to one vendor who is offering the best bang for the buck. L...
0 Votes   0 Comments   1049 Views   canada insurance quotes car house

What is the going rate for an iPhone4S - 3 years ago  •  grungar

My wife is looking to get the new iPhone 5S and she currently has a iPhone 4S 32Gb, what do you think a good selling price would be?
$350  0 Votes   1 Comments   991 Views   iphone
Why are YOU here?

Why are YOU here? - 3 years ago  •  lepplet

So. Shiny new site. Ability to post threads, rank them, attach and track estimates or values. The kind of structure that could be home to all sorts of...
0 Votes   2 Comments   1045 Views   website marketing evolution
Used PS3 or wait for PS4

Used PS3 or wait for PS4 - 3 years ago  •  truetroj

At what point does getting a cheap used PS3 make more sense than waiting for a PS4?
$125  0 Votes   1 Comments   1359 Views   PS3 video games

testing my first post - 3 years ago  •  boilerplate

assuming this is okay, since the site looks new. acknowledged from sub-reddit. So if i have an old trombone to sell, i can post it here and find out w...
$75  $300  1 Votes   2 Comments   1048 Views  
MuscleTech Home Gym

MuscleTech Home Gym - 3 years ago  •  truetroj

Wondering if this is a solid buy. Never really heard of MuscleTech. Has 200 lbs, lots of stations.
$400  0 Votes   2 Comments   1347 Views   exercise home gym

Dog trimmer - which one do you recommend ? - 3 years ago  •  wojtek

I have gone through a couple of different dog trimmers and the all seem to either flake out after a few months or they have a hard time evenly trimmin...
$100  0 Votes   1 Comments   944 Views   dog trimmer grooming

Motorcycle Repair for a 1983 Suzuki GR650 - 3 years ago  •  rtfm

I have a 1983 Suzuki GR650 motorcycle and have had a hard time getting it up and running. It appears to be leaking gas from somewhere around the petco...
0 Votes   0 Comments   1004 Views   suzuki motorcycle 1983 gr650

Best bang for my buck when visting New Delhi - 3 years ago  •  rtfm

I will be visiting New Delhi on business in the next couple of weeks and am looking for some good tourist sites to visit on a budget of around 300 dol...
$300  0 Votes   0 Comments   919 Views   new delhi india tourism sight seeing
Looking for info on a 1970 Pontiac GTO

Looking for info on a 1970 Pontiac GTO - 3 years ago  •  rtfm

A friend of mine came across this add when searching for a new hobby car and was wondering if the asking price of $29000 is worth it. Let me know, Th...
$29000  $15000  1 Votes   3 Comments   1116 Views   car pontiac gto 1970
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